Image of Dead By Nightfall


Image of Dead By Nightfall

With Barton’s sad and untimely passing, readers have lost a tremendous talent who provided consistently excellent and unforgettable thrillers. But at least they do have one more wonderful story to remember her by: Dead by Nightfall is the nail-biting conclusion to her Dead By trilogy, tying up long-standing secrets from the past of P.I. Griffin Powell. Petrifying from beginning to end, in this story the violence is gritty and the terror unabated as a madman weaves a sadistic web of vengeance. Make sure you remember to breathe!

Griffin Powell, Damar Sanders and Yvette Meng bonded as fellow prisoners in Amara, madman Malcolm York’s personal playground of torture, sexual enslavement and murder. More than a decade ago, they managed to destroy Amara and kill York. But the past unfortunately refuses to die and York’s madness is rising again. Griff’s wife, ex-FBI agent Nicole, is kidnapped and is now the principal player in an orchestrated nightmare. As the entire Powell Agency searches the globe for Nic, she must fight for her life in a barbaric gladiator arena where losing means death. (ZEBRA, Dec., 440 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith