Psychic Daisy is a character that every reader will love. She is smart and always able to solve problems and make peace between the different types of people in her hometown. She is also a person who knows what she wants, and is very capable of getting it for herself. Although things don’t always go Daisy's way, readers will appreciate that she is always able to handle the situation no matter how big or how small it is. Filled with twists and turns, any tween through teenager will enjoy reading this book. But, don’t be surprised if you can’t put it down until you’re done with it!

The adventures of Daisy Giordano, a teenage psychic sleuth, continue. Growing up in Nightshade — a town of vampires, werewolves and other paranormal creatures — is never boring. But now, as a senior, Daisy is ready to leave high school behind and start life as a college student. The only problem with that plan is that no acceptance letters have come in from any of the schools she applied to. On top of that, Daisy is dealing with major conflict going on in her town. The rivalry going on between the vampires and the werewolves is tearing Nightshade apart. Will Daisy be able to solve everyone's problems, save her town and get into college? (GRAPHIA, May 2011, 252 pp., $7.99, ISBN: 0547345933, Age 12 & Up)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Daphne Gold