With two weeks to go till her due date, Amanda Hazard Thorn isnt comfortable enough to get into trouble, much to the relief of her hubby, Sheriff Nick Thorn. Amanda has been elected Pumpkin Queen (very fitting since shes shaped like one) at the festival in Vamoose and shes going out to Nettie Jarvis place to pick some pumpkins. Nettie also has a little black bookthat she wants Amanda to hold on to for safekeeping.

Amanda arrives at Netties only to find her dead in the pumpkin patch. Pregnant or not, Amanda is not about to sit back so she looks for the little black book and investigates Netties past. It soon becomes a race against time to see if Amanda will solve the crime or give birth first!

Catching up with Nick and Amanda and the other residents of Vamoose is like visiting with old friends. The loving, peppery relationship between the two is always a joy to read about. (Oct., 256 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg