Assistant district attorney Kate Megason gets the case of her life when she's asked to handle the death penalty trial of Burton Ellis, accused of brutally murdering two convenience-store workers. The case looks open and shut, so Kate is annoyed when political maneuvering forces her to use former police detective Frank Matron as an investigator. Frank was injured in a suicide bombing while on reserve duty in Israel, and both his physical and mental wounds have damaged him.

Still, it's Frank who first notices that something is off about the case. Ellis shot out a hidden camera that he shouldn't have known existed, plus he didn't take all the money. Was robbery really the motive? As Frank and Kate start digging, they discover that some people will do anything to keep the truth hidden.

Castillo's talents as a storyteller are on full display in this chilling thriller. Some people will do anything for gain, and their ruthlessness is both riveting and disturbing. Excellent drama! (Dec., 329 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith