Image of Dead Right (The Stillwater Trilogy, Book 3)


Image of Dead Right (The Stillwater Trilogy, Book 3)

The final book in Novak's Dead
trilogy is arguably the strongest of
the three -- in terms of conflict and plotting at least. All of the characters are well defined, but the hero, heroine and villain are especially well done. This novel is incredibly taut and tense, with some nice sexual tension between the principals -- and the denouement
is harrowing.

Rescuing Rev. Lee Barker's car from its watery grave raises more questions than it answers. Was the reverend a victim, as everyone has always believed, or was he a villain? Many people want to know -- his daughter, Madeline, most of all -- so she hires P.I. Hunter Solozano to look into the matter. A journalist, Madeline normally doesn't shy from the truth -- but what Hunter uncovers is simply horrifying. When Hunter keeps digging, the facts lead inexorably to something worse. There's another criminal still on the loose, and Madeline could be his next target. (MIRA, Aug., 448 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer