On the road to recovery after a nervous breakdown, the last thing Liz Ames needs is a phone call from the Key West police telling her that her sister Liz, a minister, is missing.

When it seems as if no one is looking into the case, Liz moves to the resort town. As soon as she arrives and begins investigating, life in Key West takes a turn towards the deadly. Bodies begin turning up resembling the handywork of a serial killer currently on death row. Liz is sure it's somehow tied with her sister's disappearance but no one, with the exception of Rick Wells, seems willing to listen.

A former cop, Rick lost his son in a tragic shooting one year after his wife died. He opened a bar and tried hiding from anything that might make him feel. Meeting Liz the night the first murder victim is found brings out his investigative instincts and has him looking to find what others can not.

In a tale that encompasses all sorts of secrets and evil, Ms. Spindler weaves a web of intrigue so tightly that guessing whodunit becomes a repetitive habit with each chapter. (Jun., 384 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson