Image of The Dead Run: A Novel (Jess Galvan)


Image of The Dead Run: A Novel (Jess Galvan)

Mansbach’s latest novel is reminiscent of From Dusk Till Dawn, but with less camp, more criminals and told from four different perspectives. While the plotting is good, the author doesn’t leave enough room for characterization, making his large cast feel two-dimensional. His trademark humor helps break up heavy moments, making this an enjoyable, quick read.

Inmate Jess Galvan’s life in a Mexican prison can’t get any more dismal, until he learns that the prison is a front for a supernatural cult, led by a prehistoric, malicious man who wants Galvan to transport the still-beating heart of a virgin across the U.S./Mexico border. In return, he’ll gain his freedom, but his journey comes at the cost of discovering that his long-lost daughter is one of the cult’s targets, not to mention the reanimated corpses of virgins buried in the desert aren’t going to let him cross easily. (HARPER VOYAGER, Oct., 304 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna