A number of superlatives could be used to describe Bolton’s new work, but a simple “wow!” will do. After reading the last sentence, I realized I had been holding my breath during the final page or two. Yes, the ending is that gripping. The story’s atmosphere is dark and spooky, the main characters are strong yet vulnerable and the plot is refreshingly unpredictable. This stunning psychological thriller is well worth your time. You’ll be hooked from page one.

At Cambridge University, 19 students have killed themselves in recent years. D.I. Mark Joesbury and D.C. Lacey Flint are assigned to find out why. Lacey goes undercover as a student, feigning lack of confidence and depression so she’ll be a potential target if students are somehow being lured to their deaths. The role she’s playing starts to feel eerily real because, in some ways, she is like the students who killed themselves. The case forces her to confront her vulnerabilities, but can she do so and survive? (MINOTAUR, Jun., 400 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters