Image of Dead Set: A Novel


Image of Dead Set: A Novel

There isn’t a love triangle to be found in Kadrey’s debut YA novel and, believe me, you won’t want one. Zoe is a character who stands on her own, and her relationships with her parents and the mysterious Valentine are enough to make this an adventure readers won’t soon forget. There’s plenty of Kadrey’s trademark humor, grit and art references, and the only complaint this reviewer has is that, at just more than 300 pages, this trip to Iphigene didn’t last longer.

After her father’s sudden death and a move to a new city, Zoe and her mother are barely scraping by. With few friends and only a strange boy from her unusually vivid dreams to keep her company, Zoe wants out. When she discovers a record store owner with a machine that will allow her to experience the souls of others, she seeks out her father. What she discovers is a strange place between heaven and hell, a brother she never knew existed and a mass of undead trapped under the dictatorship of a wicked queen. (HARPER VOYAGER, Nov., 320 pp., $22.99)
Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna