Ashley weaves a tale of eternal love between two unlikely beings -- an ex-vampire hunter and a vampire master. Her novel is filled with page-turning delight and the perfect balance of paranormal and romance. In fact, the romance and horror make this novel extremely
difficult to put down. Two thumbs up for Ashley on yet another sure-to-be bestseller!

Sergeant Michael Flynn asks former vampire hunter Regan Delaney to aid in the investigation of blood-drained bodies -- mutilated nearly beyond recognition -- that keep popping up.

On one such call, the sexy master vampire of the city, Joaquin Santiago, emerges from the shadows and names the killer. Soon, Regan is on the run from the murderer and seeking safety in the arms of Joaquin.

Drawn together by need, they seek to destroy the killer, but he's closer than either could have expected.

(ZEBRA, Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Autumn Harrison