Image of The Dead Shall Not Rest (Dr. Thomas Silkstone Mystery)


Image of The Dead Shall Not Rest (Dr. Thomas Silkstone Mystery)

This second in the Dr. Thomas Silkstone series shows the same excellent historical setting, well-developed characters, careful plotting and suspenseful tension as the first. Silkstone is a young anatomist from Philadelphia. In 1782 the science of forensics is just beginning. Dead bodies are needed. Too often, those needed for dissection by doctors were obtained by body snatchers who dug them up illegally. The history is exact and fascinating from this period. Both Hunter and Byrne were historical personages of this time, which adds even more interest to the story. Additionally, excellent research and writing make this series a continuing fascination for historical mystery lovers.

Thomas Silkstone’s rival is Dr. John Hunter. Unlike Thomas, Hunter has no scruples about how bodies are obtained or who the bodies he dissects belonged to. When he learns that Charles Byrne is about to die, he is determined to get his body. At almost eight feet tall, Byrne was known as the Irish Giant. To prevent Hunter from obtaining his corpse, Byrne arranged to be buried at sea. But when Hunter is implicated in the terrible murder of a young castrato, Silkstone doesn’t allow his disapproval of Hunter’s methods from finding out the truth. (KENSINGTON, Jan., 304 pp., $15.00)

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Page Traynor