Talk about damaged and dysfunctional individuals, this book is full of them. Life has not been kind to the protagonists, and their ways of coping with trauma border on the extreme. A creepy edge of danger threads through the story, and the collision of wills that leads to the tentative building of a relationship between Gillian and Ray is fascinating. Solomon and suspense are a perfect match!

Since finding her mother's murdered body as a young child, Gillian Gray has been obsessed with death. She's made a career for herself as a photo artist whose macabre self-portraits always generate controversy. But there's an ulterior motive: She's taunting her mother's killer to come out of the shadows and find her. Ex-cop Ray Pearce has been assigned as protection for Gillian during a tumultuous museum opening. With plenty of ghosts of his own haunting him, he understands Gillian's insistence for facing death head on. But that doesn't mean he plans to let her deliberately make herself a target.

When women suddenly begin turning up murdered and posed in the manner of Gillian's portraits, the stakes are raised. The killer has announced his presence -- and his intent to make Gillian his final masterpiece. (WARNER FOREVER, Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith