Image of Dead Is So Last Year


Image of Dead Is So Last Year

With the new paranormal mysteries in the town of Nightshade, the Giordano Girls' are keeping busy. But what really makes this Dead Is novel stand out is the deft touch that Perez uses with the sisters' relationship. Each sibling is tackling a different age-appropriate challenge, which Perez skillfully weaves throughout the story. It is in this story that Rose and Poppy really become fully realized characters. Kudos!

The Giordano girls have returned from a family trip to Italy, set to spend the rest of the summer back in Nightshade without their mother. Daisy settles into a job at the local hamburger joint and works on patching up her relationship with Ryan. But the football team seems to be bulking up at an amazing rate and Daisy thinks that this might just be her new case. However, summer in Nightshade is never so simple, and suddenly doppelgangers are popping up all over town. When Daisy's father, who has been missing for the past six years, appears in town as well, her sisters are ready to welcome him back with open arms. But Daisy questions if it is really father who has returned. (Graphia, May, 208 pp., $7.99)

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Kate Girard