Image of Dead Weight


Image of Dead Weight

This well-plotted sequel to Abducted is full of prose that snaps, characters that pop and suspense that sizzles. The plot is rushed in some areas, and more background showcasing the inner workings of the killer would have helped the story, but readers will still enjoy the absorbing storytelling.

Lizzy Gardner, a PI referred to as the “one who got away,” knows the monster responsible for destroying her life won’t come after her again. But letting go isn’t easy. Lizzy examines her first cold case, which centers around the disappearance of a girl 20 years ago. The girl’s dying mother is frantic to find out what happened to her only child. Also on Lizzy’s agenda is a case involving a health expert, a man her client believes is implicated in her sister’s disappearance. Lizzy and her two assistants work together to seek justice for all involved. (THERESARAGAN.COM, Jun., 296 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Diane Morasco