The Death on Demand mysteries are classically tailored, sprinkled with Southern charm and ambiance. The latest delves into the secrets and affairs that destroy marriages and lead to murder. True to form, Hart’s latest is a first-class mystery.

The Death on Demand Bookstore is busy catering to the summer tourists and Annie is looking forward to the Fourth of July festivities at the local country club. Young and beautiful Shell Hurst is also looking forward to the festivities for reasons of her own. When Shell makes her grand entrance and then later disappears, everyone thinks she has left the island. Shell’s stepdaughter thinks differently, and Annie and Max agree. Annie questions a waiter at the country club, and later, the same waiter is found floating in the harbor. Can Annie and Max find Shell’s body, connect the waiter’s death and uncover a killer determined to keep secrets hidden? (PRIME CRIME, May, 288 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin