Love bites, as clairvoyant waitress Sookie Stackhouse knows firsthand. With her cheating ex-boyfriend, vampire Bill Compton, out of her life, Sookie vows to avoid the undead. Then she runs into the vamp who once saved her life, club owner Eric. He's running down the road at night—naked—with no memory of who he is, and Sookie feels obligated to help. She's always found Eric sexy, if obnoxious, and now he's much harder to resist; he's far more endearing without his memory.

Harris creates a protagonist with flair; Sookie's appealing and sympathetic despite her rough edges. Some may find the mystery weak, but it's still exciting. The other characters are colorfully down-home without lapsing into stereotypes. Sookie's flashes of insight into their thoughts cleverly flesh out the details.

Atmospheric and edgy, the fourth entry in Harris' Southern Vampire series is sure to be a hit with the Laurell K. Hamilton crowd. This steamy yarn is one fans of supernatural romance and Southern mysteries will also relish.(May, 304 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum