Is it a coincidence or the start of a murderous rampage? Youth services worker Mara Douglas is disconcerted when she hears about the murders of two women who share her name. Mara's FBI profiler sister, Anne Marie, fears someone is killing all the M. Douglases in the phone book. Determined to protect her sister until they get to the bottom of this case, Anne Marie requests help from her deceased fiancé's brother, Aidan Shields.

FBI agent Aidan was severely wounded in the shootout that killed his brother. He is pulled out of his self-imposed isolation by Anne Marie's request to protect her sister. Aidan soon becomes Mara's shadow. When a third M. Douglas is killed, the FBI gets even more concerned. What twisted reason is behind these killings? Can they unravel the mystery in time?

Mystery master Stewart kicks off her new interconnected trilogy with a bang. Dead Wrong is the first in a series of suspense thrillers that will be released back to back. Nail-biting suspense and emotional complexity make this launch irresistible. (Jun., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith