Will Patton has come back home to stay after the brutal murder of his girlfriend, Gillian. He has a lot to face, including the emotional backlash that he experienced with his family. Before he's back even a month, a body is found with the same signature of the first murder.

The man convicted of killing Gillian is still in prison, so police are on the hunt for a new suspect. As the body count rises, and the connection to Will is cemented, questions arise. Is the killer still at large, or is there a copycat working? It's up to Will's mother, police detective Meg Patton, and her partner, Trina Gialombardo, to answer these questions.

Trina must put her personal feelings for the handsome Will on hold until they solve the case. Now if only she didn't have to spend so much time in his company and see that the handsome boy is now a very sexy man.

This is an entertaining book, even though the suspense is a tad predictable. Readers familiar with the previous titles in Johnson's Patton's Daughters Superromance miniseries likely will find this a more fulfilling read. A better understanding of the character dynamics would aid readers of this novel. (Feb., 448 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers