Chilling, haunting, dark and compelling, Richards’ gothic features dark sensuality and strong characters. Readers will be lured into its tangled plot full of stunning surprises. With writing reminiscent of Charlotte Mede and Mary Wine, Richards is a star on the rise.

Sheltered spinster Julia Woolcott is haunted by nightmares of her horrific past. She buries herself in her work as a photographer, searching for the chance to face her nemesis. Then an opportunity arises: a chance to attend a house party where her enemy awaits. Adventurer Alexander Strathmore is driven by ambition and the hopes of locating the map that leads to the source of the Nile. He will do almost anything for the map and the chance to come face to face with the mystery man who holds the key. Thrust together, this unlikely pair forges a relationship that is as sensual as it is adversarial, leading them into the depths of a madman’s schemes and toward a chance at redemption. (BRAVA, Sep., 350 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin