Image of Deadline (Newsflesh)


Image of Deadline (Newsflesh)

OK, all of you readers who want something weighty and yet light, campy and yet smart, horror with heart, a summer beach read that will stay in your head and whisper to you “what if,” Deadline is just what you are looking for. Continuing the saga of the journalists and bloggers living in post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested USA, Grant attacks the tale with a mighty powerful weapon: that of the well-developed character. Tiny niggling criticisms come with the sometimes overwrought dialogue and a cliffhanger twist ending that introduces a whole lot of complicated “huh?” Definitely worth the read.

Shaun is one of the most renowned bloggers and journalists in the world since the Rising. Despite losing his sister and partner in crime to amplification, he’s managed to somehow stumble his way to continued success, thanks in part to his fabulous team of collaborators that work for him at After the End Times. When Shaun and the team meet Kelly, an intern at the CDC with a secret to hide, it changes everything. Before they know it, the country is in chaos such as it hasn’t seen since the Rising, and no one is guaranteed to make it out alive. (ORBIT, Apr., 624 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs