Image of Deadline (The Godmothers)


Image of Deadline (The Godmothers)

The Godmothers return for another outing as Michaels continues her series about four Southern friends intent on surviving middle age with plenty of gusto and lots of cigarette smoking. Unfortunately for readers, the author “tells” rather than “shows” the action and much of that is repetitive. The first chapter, which follows the women as they help the wife of California’s governor decipher dreams she’s having about her late uncle’s assassination, not only dates the story but drags it down.

As Teresa “Toots” Loudenberry and her daughter’s three godmothers return to California, they are thrust into conflict after learning that Toots’ stepson was the last person to see a missing actress. Finding Chris takes top priority, so Toots brings in a private detective. Abby, who still doesn’t know her mother owns the tabloid she operates, sorts out her feelings for Chris. Meanwhile, Sophie’s psychic abilities grow to include visions, Mavis and Ida keep busy with their post-mortem makeup and fashion lines, and their South Carolina housekeeper is hospitalized. (KENSINGTON, May, 272 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice