In her third book in the Southern Arcana series Moira Rogers manages to do the nearly impossible in long-running series - she crafts a great story which is capable of standing alone while still staying true to the other tales in the series. Both Alec and Carmen are well drawn characters, as each goes through their own growth and change. The story contains dominant male/submissive female roles although actual bondage is minimal. The romance develops swiftly, but believably, and is tender as well as compelling. The tale’s political backstory will also keep the reader interested.

Shifter Alec Jacobsen has been the unofficial Alpha of New Orleans for several years. The council has been wary to interfere because no one can defeat Alec in a challenge. However, political maneuvering on the part of power hungry Cesar Mendoza is bringing that tenuous peace to an end.

Emergency room doctor Carmen Mendoza is not a wolf or a shifter; her half-human blood prevents her from any part in the hierarchy of her family. She is grateful to not be involved in the violent pack and when she is offered a job away from her family in New Orleans she takes it. But when her uncle, Cesar, moves into the city and threatens the local pack, it is up to Alec to protect both his people as well as keep Carmen away from the manipulations of her family. (Samhain, January 2011, dl. $5.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs