Crime solver Francesca Cahill and police commissioner Rick Bragg return in another scintillating romantic murder mystery.

While investigating a cheating husband, Francesca falls out of a tree into the snow, next to the dead body of an unknown woman, the latest victim in a string of murders that has captured the city's attention.

As Rick and Francesca work to solve the case, they are once again confronted with the passion that underlies their relationship.

In this third installment, we become even more entangled in Ms. Joyce's characters' lives. Francesca's sister and Rick's half-brother are drawn closer together, Rick's wife arrives on the East Coast and Joel's mother is caught in their latest investigation.

Brenda Joyce perfectly balances a strong mystery with a love story so that readers get exactly what they are looking for, both suspense and passion. The cast of larger-than-life characters and their tangled lives flesh out the series and really get you hooked. Thank goodness book four will be available next month! SWEET (Apr., 348 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin