Image of Deadly Charade


Image of Deadly Charade
DEADLY CHARADE (4) by Virna DePaul: Ex-drug addict Tony Cooper is trying to infiltrate a drug-dealing operation to identify the supplier of a drug called Rapture. The downside: His ex-girlfriend Linda Delaney, a criminal prosecutor, is in danger again. Tony, now on trial for the murder of Mark Guapo, a well-known drug dealer, needs to convince those enemies that he has turned to the dark side and that he and Linda are no longer together, just to keep her safe. However, being in close proximity to her makes it tough for him to resist reaching out to the woman he still loves. Lots of tension and thick suspense lead to a fast-paced story. Add to that a complex, vulnerable hero, and you’re left with a great read.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates