The Braggs are back in town and things really heat up as Police Commissioner Rick Bragg and crime-solving debutante Francesca Cahill become involved in a murder, blackmail and kidnapping.

After being thrust together in three cases, Rick and Francesca have fallen in love, but Francesca knows she can easily become Rick's Achilles' heel. He is a married man, separated from his wife. Their relationship threatens his chance to further his political career; also, with his wife and family in the city, problems arise.

Then there's Calder Hart, Rick's half-brother, who finds Francesca to be a challenge and a woman he wants to protect. The love triangle that emerges in DEADLY DESIRE between Francesca, Rick and Calder will hold readers' attention as much as the suspense that occurs when Rick's sister Lucy becomes a blackmailer's victim.

In DEADLY DESIRE, the fourth installment in the Cahill-Bragg saga, the mystery takes a backseat to the ever-changing and even more deliciously tangled lives of Ms. Joyce's characters. Not only do Rick, Francesca and Calder become ensnared in a triangle, but Rick's wife and family, and Francesca's brother and his fiancée are all pulled more tightly into the web. The carefully woven plot and memorable characters kept me riveted and I hate having to wait for more. SENSUAL (May, 350 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin