The world never knew that Josephine "Josie" Ferrell had a twin—and neither did she, until a short time ago. The doted-upon adopted daughter of well- to-do parents, Josie has everything that sister Michelle does not. When Josie opens her home and heart to Michelle in an effort to get to know her better, her sister betrays her by stealing her identity.

Soon Josie is committed to a mental institution under Michelle's name and, worse yet, authorities have linked her to a notorious local criminal. It will take help from her ex William Hayes to convince everyone that things are not as they appear.

Despite an intriguing premise, this book is rather boring. A dark tone and not-very-exciting characters make the novel stall at points. This, and the lack of chemistry between the hero and heroine, makes reading Deadly Double a struggle. Though well thought out, Byrd's latest doesn't measure up to its predecessors. (Jun., 374 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton