Having been a major player in Feehan's Conspiracy Game, scarred and edgy Ken Norton now gets his own well-deserved story. All the players in Feehan's Game series are psychically enhanced, and they're also emotionally and at times physically damaged. The stakes are high as life, death and love are all on the line. Feehan has penned another outstanding chapter!

After his twin and fellow ghostwalker, Jack, found his destined mate in Briony, Ken learned that he may have a programmed mate in Briony's lost twin, Mari. Mari has been held captive and trained as a military operative by a branch of the demented Dr. Whitney's program. When she's captured and wounded during an operation, Ken finds himself fighting unfamiliar feelings and worries that he may have inherited the dark and dangerous impulses of his father.

For Mari, learning that her twin is alive is heartening, but her first loyalty is to her other "sisters" -- the ones still trapped in Whitney's lab. If she doesn't return, they'll face dire consequences. But what will she do about the strange emotions she feels toward her captor, Ken, whose scarred image she finds strangely compelling and attractive? (JOVE, Mar., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith