An undercover agent meets his match in the female assassin hired to kill him. Working undercover as a hit man named Dimitri Petrolov, Ian Kinncaid is tracking terrorists operating in the crime-infested club scene of Prague. He becomes a marked man when one of his contacts hires "The Raven" to kill him.

Rori, aka "The Raven," is a former British intelligence agent turned private assassin. Following her instincts, she doesn't follow through with the murder she has been asked to carry out. When Ian's cover is blown, Rori and Ian join forces to save a very young girl from a child pornography ring.

Fast pacing and a well-developed plot make this an intriguing book. Both Rori and Ian are complex characters with pasts that make them a good match. The tension between them unfolds into a believable attraction that further increases the tempo of the story. The multicountry setting is well detailed and well written, especially the portrayal of Prague club life. Although the secondary government agents seem superficial, the crimering characters are convincing. (dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett