The final book in the Flynn Brothers trilogy is solidly plotted and has the usual assortment of colorful, well-rounded characters. Touches of humor sprinkled throughout will add greatly to the reader's enjoyment. Skeptics beware, though -- Caer's secret is a dandy.

On a visit to Ireland, millionaire businessman Sean O'Riley becomes deathly ill. When he recovers sufficiently to travel, it's nurse Caer Cavannaugh's job to see that he reaches the States safely. Sean's daughter Kat believes her father's much-younger second wife is trying to kill him, and when Sean's business partner, Eddie Ray, vanishes, Kat brings in a family friend, P.I. Zach Flynn, to look into matters. There are no easy answers, or apparent motives, for the attempt on Sean's life or Eddie's disappearance, and Zach is grateful for Caer's aid and support as his investigation progresses. But Caer has a secret that could affect the outcome of the case -- and the future of her blossoming romance with Zach -- in completely unexpected ways. (MIRA, Dec., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer