Image of Deadly Heat


Image of Deadly Heat

Deadly Heat is seriously hot! Taut conflict mixes with fiery romance to create a winner. Readers will enjoy a rapid-paced induction into the world of firefighters, arsonists and the FBI’s newest division. Deadly Heat offers the perfect amount of tension, character development and action-packed plot!

Firefighter Lora Spade recognizes the signs. She knows the series of fires they’ve had, each resulting in a death, is the work of a serial arsonist. Determined not to lose another person she loves, she goes over the heads of her superiors and contacts the FBI. Never in her wildest imagination did she believe they’d send the gorgeous Kenton Lake. Lora catches Kenton’s eye immediately. Of course, she is rescuing him from a burning building and yelling at him. Her protective instincts are part of what turns him on. As the serial arsonist escalates, it’s clear that Lora is his ultimate target. Kenton must uncover why she’s being targeted before Lora becomes a victim. (FOREVER, Feb., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton