Image of Deadly Is the Kiss


Image of Deadly Is the Kiss

After wrapping up the Primal Instincts series, Byrd sets off to further explore the world of the Deschanel vampires. Introduced in earlier books, the Deschanel vampires have their own culture and power structure, placing these two protagonists at the heart of a deadly conspiracy. With a Byrd book, you know you will get plenty of sizzling sensuality as well as molten emotion.

As a Formyndare, or elite warrior of the Deschanel vampires, Ashe Granger has protected and enforced council edicts. The fact that Ashe’s destined mate, Juliana Sabin, is kept in a remote prison with her family is a burden he has kept well hidden. Then suddenly Juliana appears in London and asks for his help. She was shown an escape route from the Wastelands by an anonymous benefactor. According to Juliana, her family was framed for treason, and new attempts have been made to eliminate them permanently. If Juliana is right, there is danger to their society, but finding proof won’t be easy! (HQN, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith