Amateur sleuth Francesca Cahill embarks on her ninth investigation when she receives a call to come to Daisy Jones' home. Francesca wonders why the best friend of her fiance's ex-mistress would summon her, until she discovers Daisy's bruised and battered body on the library floor and her fiance, Calder Hart, in the house spattered with blood.

Though Calder professes his innocence, all evidence points to his being the killer. Even his half-brother, Police Commissioner Rick Bragg, has no choice but to arrest Calder.

Francesca's faith in Calder never waivers, yet she suspects that he's not telling her the whole truth about his relationship with Daisy. Francesca's investigation into Daisy's life uncovers several startling secrets and more than one possible killer. But the truth is more far-reaching and deadly than even she could imagine.

If this is your introduction to Francesca Cahill, you'll be just as hooked on the series as longtime fans. Joyce skillfully pulls you into her characters' tangled lives as they pursue a killer. The "Deadlies" keep you coming back for more because you care about the people and you can sink your teeth into their complicated lives as they twist and turn with mystery. SENSUAL (Feb., 404 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin