Image of Deadly Lies (Deadly (Paperback))


Image of Deadly Lies (Deadly (Paperback))

Book three in Eden’s Deadly series picks up with the life and recovery of FBI Special Agent Samantha Kennedy. The heroine’s use of sex to help her regain control of her life makes this book incredibly hot. Samantha has been present throughout the series and it’s nice to finally get an in-depth story about her. Eden has done a great job fleshing out this character and sharing her story.

FBI agent Samantha Kennedy is struggling to prove she’s still capable of doing her job. After having her spirit broken by a madman, she’s fighting to regain control of her life and her emotions. After she meets the hot Max Ridgeway, Samantha uses sex with him to help her regain her confidence. However, when Max’s younger brother is kidnapped and held for ransom, her personal and professional life become intimately intertwined, and all semblance of control threatens to disappear. Max won’t let his mystery woman get away again. This time, he’s going to learn her secrets. But before he can, his brother vanishes. Suddenly his mystery woman isn’t at all who she seems to be. Can he trust her to save his brother, or are her secrets too big? (FOREVER, Mar., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton