Christian Bills turned to the Kinncaid family for help nearly nine years ago. Now terrible secrets from her past threaten both her well-hidden identity and her tenuous happiness. Brayden Kinncaid, one of the middle sons, has carried a torch for Christian for too long, despite his claim that she's more a sister than a lover.

To protect her when trouble arrives on her doorstep, he has to break through Christian's wall of secrecy and help her defeat the powerful enemy who put her on the run almost a decade earlier.

This is an exceptionally well-written novel. It's Clark's third book about the lives of the compelling Kinncaid brothers, but it easily stands alone. The main characters are subtle and complex from page one, especially the particularly strong, emotionally full-ranged heroine. The dialogue is outstanding, and the pacing both realistic and highly suspenseful. (dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel