Deadly Offerings starts with a terrifying premise and ends with a solid spine-shivering flourish. Grace delivers enough sizzle to raise the temperature, showcases her talent for sharp repartee and executes the action like an ace fighter pilot. The scenes between hero and heroine leap from the page. With riveting suspense and commanding characters, this is one addicting, must-have summer read.

Spitfire Anne Mason is starting over after a messy and contentious divorce, and she’s moved into Golden Acres, the wind farm left to her by her ex’s mother. She’s not at all pleased to learn that her new next-door neighbor is county prosecutor Michael Brandt — the same man who represented her ex in the court proceedings. Still, Anne feels safe in her new, midwestern home. Then someone starts leaving dead bodies in her corn field as “gifts” to her. As the body count increases, Anne realizes that this serial killer won’t stop until she’s dead, but why is he out for her blood? Despite her mistrust of him, Michael is Anne’s best chance for survival. If, that is, they can both survive the heat between them. (ALEXA GRACE, Feb., 294 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Morasco