In Deadly Love, Brenda Joyce introduced readers to Francesca Cahill and police commissioner Rick Bragg as they teamed up to solve a kidnapping. Within days, her entire life changes and she discovers her true calling is crime solving!

The night of architect Sanford White's gala, a woman pleads for Francesca's help. As the party progresses, Francesca is standing over a dead body; the woman is no where in sight; and Rick Bragg is at the door.

Rick realizes Francesca has nothing to do with the Randall murder, but when her investigation leads to Calder Hart, his half-brother and rival, he knows he'll have to join forces with her to find the killer.

Francesca is attracted to Rick and he can't deny that she fascinates him. But Rick has a high-profile job that forces him to put romance on hold. As they investigate the murder and come closer to the truth, it becomes difficult to deny the attraction.

Moving from glittering galas to Lower Manhattan tenements, from Fifth Avenue mansions to seedy brothels, Brenda Joyce creates a mystery with soap opera overtones. With each new novel her characters' lives become more entwined, and each cliffhanger ending primes readers for the next installment. Subtle social nuances enhance the historical backdrop and brings everything to life. SWEET (Mar., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin