Image of Deadly Promises


Image of Deadly Promises

After a fairly weak beginning, this collection of romantic suspense short stories picks up some steam. “Just Bad Enough” is an overwritten, illogical story ridden with clichés. “Leave No Trace” is slightly more plausible, with better chemistry between romantic leads, although the pacing feels rushed. “Unstoppable” is the best of the bunch; a commanding story with two believable and likable characters and well-paced suspense.

In “Just Bad Enough” by Kenyon and Love, CeCe Caprice works as a living statue, and is mistaken for an actual statue by someone who stashes a compromising recording on CeCe’s body. Dragged into a shady mob power play, CeCe’s next-door neighbor Jeremy Sunn, an undercover agent for the Bureau of American Defense, is the only one who can save her. In Gerard’s “Leave No Trace,” CIA operative David Cavanaugh travels to Myanmar to rescue lovelorn traveler Carrie Granger from a labor prison. And in “Unstoppable,” by Griffin, forensic anthropologist Kelsey Quinn and former SEAL Gage Brewer stumble onto a months-old double murder scene linked to illegal immigration and a possible terrorist plot. (POCKET STAR, Oct., 377 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener