A person could not be faulted for thinking that being an ER doctor in tiny Dawkins County Hospital, 50 miles from nowhere in rural South Carolina, would be an easy job. But they would be wrong, as you learn after reading about a few weeks in the life of Dr. Rhea Lynch. Besides the normal knifings and shootings common in a rural county, Dr. Lynch deals with many uncommon problems. Among these is a psychotic woman attempting to practice witchcraft and a faith healer who leaves people worse off than before.

The third installment of the series, DEADLY REMEDY is somewhat heavy on medical terminology. That's a small gripe, however, as the author does have all the facts, and her information is generally interesting, especially the herbal lore. Dr. Lynch and her friends are likeable characters, and her villains are a decidedly quirky bunch. (Mar., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Lorraine Gelly