Image of Deadly Seduction


Image of Deadly Seduction

The second of Noble's thrillers about the fallout from a CIA mission gone terribly wrong follows Dead Right. We meet another one of the CIA agents who was tortured for two years in Thailand before their colleagues learned they were still alive. Noble keeps the action at a fever pitch, with the hero battling interior and exterior demons. The twist at the end hopefully means another book is on the horizon.

While in captivity in Thailand, Max was the victim of mind-control experiments -- an attempt to turn him into a killing machine. Only his contact with fellow prisoner Taz kept him sane. Now they're stateside, but danger has followed them. The commands embedded in their psyches are still operating.

Separated, Max and Taz each escape from the hospital and attempt to fulfill a plan they hatched while imprisoned. Max takes Dr. Erin Houston, who was called in to help him, with him when he runs. Erin has doubts about the "help" Max has been getting but can't abandon him. Together, they race to try to find Taz before they are found themselves. (ZEBRA, Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan