Ryan was just 8 when his mother, Nina, kidnapped him and threw him through a plate glass window. After his release from the hospital, he's returned to his adoptive mom, Taylor Reese. Besides being exceptionally bright, Ryan is also psychic—he just some- how knows things.

When social worker Taylor first meets Dr. Gavin Kinncaid, they get off on the wrong foot, each blaming the other for what they deem "professional mishaps." However, their paths continue to cross, and they find themselves in love. Nina, though, has not given up on getting Ryan back. Nothing—not prison bars nor the people who truly love him—will stand in her way.

In this second story featuring the Kinncaid brothers, Clark showcases how close-knit and supportive this fantastic family is. The romantic elements are key, and the suspense is kept at bay until the conclusion, when it really picks up speed. A warning: Some child abuse is depicted in this story. (dk $6.49, dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley