Image of Deadtown


Image of Deadtown

Teenage zombies can be a real pain, as shapeshifter and demon slayer Victory Vaughn can readily attest. Welcome to Holzner's fascinating world, where a plague has turned much of the Boston population into zombies. Part demon-busting tale, part political thriller, Holzner's take on urban fantasy
is exciting and fresh. Here's to the future adventures of Vicky Vaughn!

Following the plague that turned a big chunk of the Boston population into zombies and the discovery of the existence of supernatural creatures, Deadtown was created. This quarantined section serves as a city within the city.

Vicky Vaughn is a hereditary Cerddorion, or shapeshifter, who hunts demons, and her sort-of boyfriend, werewolf and lawyer Alexander Kane, is big in the Paranormal American's Rights movement. Vicky's life is currently a mash-up of demon-plagued clients, a suspicious research facility and a trouble-prone teenage zombie apprentice. Life takes a very ominous turn when Vicky learns that the Hellion who killed her father has broken through Boston's magical protections and is on the hunt. But is Difethwr doing this on his own, or does he have a sorcerer master? (ACE, Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith