Image of Deal With This (The Goddard Project, Book 2)


Image of Deal With This (The Goddard Project, Book 2)

This is a fast, easy read with a little mystery and a lot of lovin'. Family dynamics make for entertaining friendships and romances and the close quarters of the quirky characters allow for adequate relationship growth. With a sexually empowered heroine and a hero determined not to get too involved, Monroe heats page after page with extensive, explosive foreplay and intense passion.

Undercover agent Alan Hyatt is investigating a production company thought to be a front for high-tech espionage. He poses as a reporter and rents a room from actress Jillian Carlyle. She was only supposed to be his way into the production studio, but as time and suspects are running out, she creeps into his thoughts as he struggles to maintain his cover -- and his heart. (BRAVA, Dec., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen