Gifted storyteller Jan Burke has created a uniquely gutsy, intelligent and charming heroine in Irene Kelly. DEAR IRENE showcases Ms. Burkes outstanding ability to combine the elements of mystery, romance and suspense into an unforgettable read. Heres hoping there will be many more Irene Kelly and Frank Harriman novels.

Intrepid reporter and sleuth Irene Kelly makes another appearance in the third book of author Jan Burke's unforgettable suspense series.

Irene very nearly didn't survive her last foray into investigative reporting. As a result of a vicious attack, she required months of physical and emotional healing. For Irene, the forced inaction has made her more than ready to put a little normalcy back into her life. Unfortunately for Irene, normalcy means getting herself neck deep in a brand new murder case.

On her first day back in the office, Irene sorts through her mail and finds a uniquely disturbing letter from someone calling themselves Thanatos, the name of Death in Greek mythology. Thanatos calls Irene Cassandra and informs her that Clio, the history muse will be the first to die.

When Irene's fiance, homicide detective Frank Harriman, is called to investigate the murder of history professor Edna Blaylock, Irene quickly realizes that her letter is not a crank. Additional letters from Thanatos arrive with more warnings of impending death. Thanatos apparent fixation on Irene continues as he steps up his contacts to include phone calls and secret invasions of her home.

Can Irene and Frank uncover the missing connection between Thanatos' victims and the reason for his deadly vengeance? And will Irene survive her investigation?

(Feb., 288 pp., $20.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith