Image of Death of a Beauty Queen


Image of Death of a Beauty Queen
DEATH OF A BEAUTY QUEEN (4) by Mallory Kane: For 12 years detective Dixon Lloyd was haunted by his failure to solve the Beauty Queen murders. Now, the leads are taking him to the breathtaking Rose Bohème, a woman with no memory before the last 12 years, living quietly in New Orleans. Attacked and left for dead, Rose’s first memories began when she woke up in the care of a Cajun woman she calls Maman Renée. Now, with a sexy stranger on her doorstep dredging up the past and a stalker trying to finish the job he started, nothing will ever be the same. Readers will almost taste the flavor of New Orleans in this mystery that’s never about the whodunit but about the whydunit, all handled with Kane’s deft hand at suspense.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper