Although the identity of the killer is evident from early on, DEATH BENEFITS has enough danger and action to please the most serious of mystery readers. In addition, the scintillating story of Rob and Mici will tantalize all lovers of romantic suspense.

Elinor Graces death is at first marked down to natural causes but when her grandchildren get an anonymous phone call suggesting that it was murder, they do two things. First, they ask Rob Craig to exhume the body and do a postmortem, and they ask family lawyer Mici Smith to help start an investigation. When Craigs work reveals that Elinor was murdered, he and Mici find themselves working together. Rob is attracted to the attorney but Mici has her own ghosts that prevent her from enjoying the relationship completely. Still, the partnership is a good one and the investigation moves on freely.

Their search leads them to an insurance scam that Elinor may have unwittingly been part of. Next a doctor connected with the insurance company is murdered. As Rob and Mici get closer and closer to the truth, danger begins to surround them from everywhere. Mici finds herself facing her worst nightmare, one that will literally kill her, unless Rob can find her in time.

($3.95 dl, $9.95 cd, $13.99 paperback)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg