John Walker, a young insurance analyst, lives a contented if not exactly exciting lifebut thats about to change. When a 12 million dollar death benefit is paid to an imposterand the agent who approved the payment, a woman John once loved, disappearsWalker is precipitously plucked from his cubicle by the mysterious security expert Max Stillman, and taken on the ride of his life.

Their investigation takes them across the country and becomes more dangerous than even Stillman suspected. Along the way, John learns a number of skills from his new mentorincluding breaking and entering, dodging bullets, and discovering corpsesand the two are joined by the brilliant, beautiful and enigmatic computer hacker, Serena. Their search takes them to a seemingly peaceful small town, where they uncover a conspiracy more deadly and far-reaching than they ever imagined.

The incomparable Thomas Perry gives us another top-notch thriller with DEATH BENEFITSits every bit as good as his Jane Whitefield series. Only Perry could make insurance fraud so heart-stoppingly exciting! (Jan., 400 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie