Image of Death of a Christmas Caterer (Hayley Powell Mystery)


Image of Death of a Christmas Caterer (Hayley Powell Mystery)

Get ready for plenty of holiday mayhem as single mom and food columnist Hayley Powell tackles the latest murder in town while also dealing with party planning, teenage children and relationship problems. This fast-paced, funny mystery highlights good friends, good food and good cocktails. Throw in a clever twist and two serious attempts on Hayley’s life, and you have a thoroughly entertaining and suspenseful mystery for the holidays.

Hearing rave reviews about Hayley’s food, overworked celebrity chef Garth Rawlings offers Hayley a gig assisting him in catering other holiday events. Hayley can always use extra cash, but when she delivers her first shipment of party food, she finds Garth’s building on fire and his dead body inside. How did Garth die? Hayley thinks murder, but can she prove her case before a killer snuffs out her holiday spirit for good? (KENSINGTON, Oct., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin