Image of Death Comes Silently (Death on Demand Mysteries)


Image of Death Comes Silently (Death on Demand Mysteries)

Any book by Hart is guaranteed to include a top-notch mystery delivering an enjoyable reading experience. Hart is a master storyteller and her popular Death on Demand series continues to include strong plotlines and characterizations. Key players are introduced early and the story unfolds seamlessly till the very end when a small error on Annie’s part places her in extreme danger.

The January weather is cold and business is slow in the island town of Broward’s Rock, S.C. Annie is happy to be hosting a local mystery writer’s book signing at her Death on Demand bookstore. During the event, Annie is interrupted several times by urgent calls from Gretchen Burkholt, a woman substituting for Annie at a local charity. Gretchen is insisting the charity’s handyman is dangerous and that she has found a mysterious message in the coat of a recently deceased local businessman. After the book signing, Annie heads to the charity to check on Gretchen only to find the woman bludgeoned to death by the handyman’s ax. Annie and her friends believe the handyman is innocent and the real mystery surrounds the deceased businessman’s family. Now if they can only prove it. (PRIME CRIME, Apr., 288 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin