Image of Death Echo


Image of Death Echo

When it comes to edgy, cynical thrillers with plenty of passionate punch, no one does it better than Lowell. The New York Times bestseller does a stellar job of taking topical events and looming threats and then melding them into high-octane thrillers featuring her St. Kilda operatives. The pace is blistering and the danger intense, everything a romantic suspense aficionado could ever want!

Former CIA operative Emma Cross hoped she had left some of the danger behind when she took a job with St. Kilda Consulting. Unfortunately, it turns out her new case is about to take on apocalyptic repercussions. St. Kilda is approached by the government, which fears both leaks and interdepartmental rivalries. Emma has seven days to get access to a new yacht called the Blackbird, a boat whose twin, the Black Swan, has disappeared. Former special op Mackenzie Durand has returned to his roots as a transport skipper. Mac’s instincts tell him something is up when he takes possession of Blackbird. Emma’s best chance at finding the dangerous truth behind the plans for the yacht lie with Mac. But can they get over their instinctive distrust of each other? (MORROW, Jun., 400 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith