Image of Death in Her Face (A Lauren Atwill Mystery)


Image of Death in Her Face (A Lauren Atwill Mystery)

This author has garnered public and critical acclaim for her 1940s-set series. It’s no surprise: The well-written backdrop of Old Hollywood is so much fun. York’s third outing has screenwriter Lauren Atwill beyond busy, as the movie business is on the upswing. The scenery is amazing, the characters are fun and reading about the lives of the rich and famous in the days of beautiful clothes, cars and mansions is truly entertaining.

Lauren teams up with PI Peter Winslow to look into the disappearance of Marathon Studio’s latest find — a true glamour girl named Mala Demara. Mala was scheduled to star in the studio’s upcoming blockbuster, but she’s missing and her boyfriend, gangster Mickey Triton, is soon found dead in a burned-out house.

The studio brass asks Lauren and Peter to not only save them from scandal, but to also get their new movie made. Lauren is hired to rewrite the script, while Peter does his best to find Mala alive and well. But neither task may be possible. (FIVE STAR, Sep., 266 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Amy L. Lignor